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  • Emys orbicularis Captive Bred Approximately 1.5-2 Inches In Length Beautiful Babies Very Active And Curious Turtles Covered By Leathery Colored Brown Shell Feeding On Turtle Pellets, Greens, And Crickets

  • Spotted Turtle


    Clemmys guttata Captive Bred Approximately 1-2 Inches In Length Also Known As The Polka-dot Turtle Can Have Either Orange Or Yellow Spots Very Clean Shells And Very Active Turtles Beautiful Specimens Grab Yours Today Before Its Too Late

  • Captive Bred Babies Approximate Length: 2 to 2.5 inches Not a common slider! Super healthy and fiesty! Awesome shell patterning with gorgeous belly markings! Feeding on¬†turtle diet, cricket, fish and bloodworms "Trachemys emolli"

  • Baby Japanese Wood Turtle

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    Mauremys japonica Captive Bred Approximately 1.5 - 2 Inches In Shell Length As The Name States These Are Naturally Found In Japan Ranging From Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu And Other Islands Near By Mainly Found In Fresh Water Habitats Such As Swamps, Marshes, Rice Paddies, Ponds, Lakes, And Rivers These Turtles Are Very Unique And Not…

  • Terrapene carolina x Terrapene ornata ornate x Terrapene carolina triunguis Captive Bred Approximately A Little Smaller In Size Than A Half Dollar This Turtle Is A Broad Mixture Of Not Just Two Turtles But Three Giving A Great Feature Of All The Three In One This Little Guy Will Be Able To Live Up To…

  • Terrapene ornata luteola Captive Bred Babies Approximate Size: Larger Than A Half Dollar Great Pets And Very Friendly! This Turtle Has Bright Striping On The Shell And A Well Decorated Head And Legs! Feeding On Vitamin Dusted Turtle Diet, Crickets And Greens!

  • Pseudemys peninsularis Captive Bred Brightly Colored Babies Gorgeous And Fun To Keep Feeding On Crickets, Turtle Pellets, Greens, And Krill Unsexed

  • Chelydra serpentina Captive Bred Approximately 7 Inches In Length Shells Have An Awesome Patterning! Very Hearty And Active Aquatic Turtle! Feeding On Pellets, Bloodworms, Fish, Crickets And Shrimp

  • Pseudemys concinna Captive Bred Approximately 2 Inches In Length Pronounced Green Patterning With Beautiful Yellow Highlights Unique Designs On Each One Feeding On Hatchling Pellets And Pinhead Crickets

  • Graptemys pseudogeographica kohni Captive Bred Babies Unsexed Due To The Size Approximately 1.5 To 2 Inch Shell Length Adults Can Reach From 6 To 10 Inches They Are Active Swimmers And Skiddish Most Turtles These Guys Need A Completely Dry Basking Area To Rest From Swimming They Are Native To The Mississippi River From…

  • Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis Captive Bred Babies Approximate Size: 1 Inches Growing Up To 4 Inches Originating Out Of North America Ranging From As North As New York Down South Through Florida With Proper Care These Turtles Can Live 20+ Years In Captivity These Turtles Stay Near Shallow Bodies Of Water Along With Staying Underneath Brush…

  • Chrysemys picta Captive Bred Babies Roughly 1-1.5 Inches In Length With Proper Care These Turtles Can Live Up To 25-30+ Years At A Time Roughly One Of The Largest Ranging Turtles In The Americas These Can Be Found On Both The Pacific To Atlantic Coast Of The United States, Parts Of Canada And Mexico Highly…