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Underground Reptiles supplies some of the best feeders for sale in the world! We have one of the greatest selections you will find including anoles, frozen chickens, frozen mice and frozen rats. We ship all of our live animals FedEx Priority Overnight. Click Here to find out about our incredible shipping process.


  • Frozen Pinky Mice - 10 Pack
  • Frozen Fuzzy Mice - 10 Pack
  • Frozen Hopper Mice - 10 Pack
  • Frozen Adult Mice - 10 Pack
  • Frozen Rat Pups - 10 Pack
  • Frozen Weaned (Crawler) Rats - 10 Pack
  • Frozen Small Rats - 10 Pack
  • Frozen Medium Rats - 10 Pack
  • Frozen Large Rats - 5 Pack
  • Frozen Jumbo Rats - 5 Pack
Frozen Pinky Mice - 10 Pack2-3 g.$5.99
Frozen Fuzzy Mice - 10 Pack5-7 g.$6.99
Frozen Hopper Mice - 10 Pack8-11 g.$7.99
Frozen Adult Mice - 10 Pack18-32 g.$8.99
Frozen Rat Pups - 10 Pack20-29 g.$13.99
Frozen Weaned (Crawler) Rats - 10 Pack30-49 g.$15.99
Frozen Small Rats - 10 Pack50-89 g.$17.99
Frozen Medium Rats - 10 Pack90-150 g.$24.99
Frozen Large Rats - 5 Pack180-279 g.$16.99
Frozen Jumbo Rats - 5 Pack280-389 g.$20.99

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  • Green Anole

    From: $2.99

    Anolis carolinensis Field Collected Can Grow To Be From 5-8 Inches In Total Length Great For Feeders Or Make Great Pets! May Be Seen As Green Or Brown Depending On Environmental Conditions! Males Have A Reddish/pinkish Throat Used For Finding A Mate Or A Sign Of Dominance Towards Other Males Can Keep Multiple Numbers Available…

  • Brown Anole

    From: $2.99

    Anolis sagrei Florida Field Collected Approximately 3-5 Inches In Length The Brown Anole Is Normally A Light Brown Color With Darker Brown To Black Markings On Its Back. Unlike Green Anoles These Guys Can Go From Brown To Black When Brown Anoles Are Attacked Or Threatened They Can Detach Their Tails In Order To Distract…

  • Perfect food source for dart frogs, chameleons and other small amphibians and lizards This 32 oz. container produces an amazing quantity of fruit flies Can be shipped overnight with your animal for immediate feeding These fruit flies contain the vitamins, minerals and nutrients for healthy diet for your thriving pet

  •   Comes in a 12-14 oz package Ideal for all lizards and reptiles that eat snail meat Thaw what you need and the store the rest for later Meat may look slightly different than what is pictured due to stock on hand at time of shipping.

  • Shipped in a fully functional enclosure Choose from 25 Count Cups or 12 Count Cups 12 Count Cup: Contains at least 12 worms with enough food for them to potentially grow to 4 inches (10 grams) Best for larger bearded dragons, large adult chameleons and larger lizards, turtles and arachnids 25 Count Cup (available online…

  • Feeder Crickets

    From: $13.99

    Acheta domestica All feeder crickets are sold in bulk Crickets are a staple diet for a multitude of reptiles and amphibians These crickets are the perfect diet for hatchlings through mature adults

  • Purchase in Packs of 10 Buy In Bulk For Cheaper Pricing Age: One to three days of age Weight (Ounces): 1.00 – 1.99

  • Purchase in Packs of 10 Buy In Bulk for Cheaper Pricing Age: One to two days They are pink in color but they have not formed their coat yet Length (Inches): 0.50 - 1.00 (not including tail) Weight (Grams): 2.00 - 2.99

  • Purchase in Packs of 10 Buy In Bulk for Cheaper Pricing Age: Ten to thirteen days Has formed a full coat of fur Eyes are not open yet Length (Inches): 1.25 - 1.50 (not including tail) Weight (Grams): 5.00 - 6.99

  • Purchase in Packs of 10 Buy In Bulk For Cheaper Pricing Age: Fourteen to eighteen days Eyes are fully open Starting to eat and drink on their own Length (Inches): 1.50 – 2.00 (not including tail) Weight (Grams): 8.00 – 10.99

  • Purchase in Packs of 10 Buy In Bulk for Cheaper Pricing Age: Thirty to forty days These mice have reached sexual maturity Length (Inches): 2.50 – 3.00 (not including tail) Weight (Grams): 18.00 – 31.99

  • Purchase in Packs of 10 Buy In Bulk for Cheaper Pricing Age: Fourteen to eighteen days Eyes still not open Length (Inches): 2.50 – 3.50 (not including tail) Weight (Grams): 20.00 – 28.99