Underground Reptiles – Supplying the Best Centipedes, Millipedes and More For Sale!

Underground Reptiles supplies some of the best centipedes, millipedes and more for sale in the world! We have one of the greatest selections you will find including purple millipedes, Vietnamese centipedes, Halloween crabs and more. We ship all of our live animals UPS Next Day Air. Click Here to find out about our incredible shipping process.

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  • Long Tailed Centipede

    From: $14.99

    Rhysida longipes Field Collected Approximately 3 Inches In Length Very Hearty Animals Thriving In Simple Setups Of Deep Loose Substrate And Warmer Humid Climates These Are Very Cool Invertebrates With Hundreds Of Orange Yellow Legs And Jet Black Armored Bodies That Move Almost Seemlessly Through The Dirt Voracious Hunters Feeding On Small Insects Regularly

  • Anadenobolus monilicornis Field Collected Tropical Inverts Originating From The Caribbean And Has Made Its Way Into Southern United States Approximately 1/2 Inch To 1 1/2 Inches In Length From Head To Tail Reaching About 2 Inches In Total Length Very Mild Mannered Inverts That Slowly Crawl Over Any Surface And Curl Up Into A Spiral…

  • Trigoniulus corallinus Field Collected Roughly 2-3 Inches In Length Vibrant Red Coloration Will Do Fine In Groups Feeding On Various Vegetation & Fruits

  • Narceus americana Field Collected Approximately 4-4.5 Inches In Length Ranging From The Southern And Eastern United States This Millipede Has Up To 1000 Legs The Largest Amount Of Legs On One Individual In Record With Proper Care These Can Live From 1-10 Years At A Time These Are Awesome Insects Filled With Red Bands From…

  • Scolopendra alternans Florida Field Collected Not A Beginner Invert (Not A Fun Bite) Voracious Feeders Approximately 3-5" In Length

  • Ivory Millipede

    From: $4.99

    Chicobolus spinigerus Also Referred To As "Ghost Millipede" Field Collected Ranging From 2-4 Inches In Length These Are Great Millipedes Coming In Sandy Brown And Also Black With A Light Ivory White Inbetween Its Plating Voracious Foragers Feasting On Mixed Greens And Various Fruits Awesome Heavier Bodied Invertebrate

  • Scolopendra polymorpha Field Collected Approximately 8 Inches In Length From Head To Tail Originating Out Of Southwest America And Parts Of Mexico Ranging From Scrub Land, Pastures, And Forested Regions We Recommend A Half Terrestrial And Half Fossorial Set Ups With A Deeper Substrate And An Arrangement Of Sticks And Branches For This Invert To…

  • Stagmomantis carolina Field Collected 2 Available Originating Out Of North, Central, And South America Having An Approximate Life Span Close To 12 Months Approximately 4 Inches In Length From Head To Tail Males And Females Have Greatly Different Looks To Themselves As The Females Have Short Wings And Are Heavier Bodied While The Male Has…

  • Halloween Crab

    From: $7.49

    Gecarcinus quadratus Approximately 3-6 Inches In Length Field Collected Insane Coloration Great Pet To Have Very Well Established Get Them Before Halloween Comes Around!

  • Scolopendra morsitans Field Collected Approximately 3-4 Inches In Length Very Interesting Inverts Extremely Fast And Curious Feeding On Various Insects

  • Tenodera sinensis Captive Bred Roughly 1 Inch Or Less In Length From Head To Tail Naturally Occurring Out Of Asia And has Been Introduced Into The US As Well Beautiful Animals With A Life Span Near 12 Months Females Can Lay 3-7 Egg Sacs At A Time Containing 30-100 Eggs In A Single Sac One…

  • Vietnamese Centipede

    From: $19.99

    Scolopendra subspinipes Field Collected Approximately 4 – 6 Inches In Length From Head To Tail Sub-adults And Adults Available Very Hearty Animals Thriving In Simple Setups Of Deep Loose Substrate And Warmer Humid Climates Many Legged Giant Looking Invert These Come In Dark Brown To Rich Maroon As Well In Body Color With Bright Orange…