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  • Baby Hedgehogs

    • These Originate From Europe, Africa, Asia And Parts Of New Zealand
    • With Good Care And Regular Handling They Can Live Up To 4-6 Years In Captivity
    • Adults Are Ranging In Sizes Around 6-8 Inches At Full Length
    • These Are Active And Curious Babies That Can Be Shy But Love Stimulation And Exercise
    • Make Sure To Keep A Hamster Wheel, Various Other Toys And Hideouts In Their Enclosures
  • Baby Fennec Foxes

    • Vulpes zerda
    • Farm Bred Beauties
    • We Have Kits And Adults In Stock
    • Velvety Soft Gold-tan Fur That Continues To Get Richer In Color Over Time
    • These Foxes Are Nocturnal Omnivores Feeding On Insects , Fruit, Vegetables, And Whole Prey
  • Sand Cat

    • Felis margarita
    • Farm Bred Cats
    • Males And Females Available
    • Body Size Of Males Is 12 – 16 Inches And Kittens 7 – 8 In Length
    • Gorgeous Little Cats With Their Almost Big Cat Feel These Gorgeous Felines Have Crisp Little Black Rings Around Their Front Paws
    • Voracious Little Hunters Feeding On A Raw Diet Of Chicken Hearts, Beef Liver, And Small Ammount Of Mazuri Feline Diet
  • Baby Kinkajou

    • Potos flavus
    • Grow To The Size Of A Small House Cat, 3 To 7 Lbs (1 To 3 Kg)
    • Usual Shipping Time for Kinkajous is about 2-4 Weeks; Our Mammal Specialist will Contact You as Soon as Your Order is Received to Give You an Exact Timeline
    • All Deposits Are Non-Refundable
    • Average Life Span Is Up To 25 Years
    • Originating In The Tropics Of Mexico And South America Ranging From The East And South Of The Sierra Madres And Central To Southern Mexico Coasts On To Beni, Bolivia, And Deep Into Brazil
    • Can Reach Lengths Up To 16-30 Inches About The Size Of A House Cat
    • Females Will Bear 1-2 Young At A Time
    • With Proper Care These Mamals Can Live Up To 23-25 Years In Captivety
    • This Species Is Related To The Racoon And Is Not Apart Of The Primate Family
    • They Have A Prehensile Tail Which Means Its Able To Wrap Around Tree Limbs And Grasp Them Firmly To Balance Or Hang From
    • These Are Amazing Animals With Docile And Playful Temperaments That Are Always Up For Cuddling Or Getting Ryled Up And Climbing Around
  • Baby Marmoset Monkey

    • Callithrix jacchus
    • Captive Bred Babies!
    • The Perfect Age For Hand Raising Your Own Little Baby. They Have A Gray Body And As They Get Older They Develop White tuffs That Extend From The Sides Of The Face
    • High Quality Males and Females Available For Breeding And For Great Companions
    • Marmosets Are Highly Active Living In The Upper Canopy Of Forest Trees , And Feeding On Insects Fruits And Leaves
    • Stays Small And Is Very Cute Especially When Born! The Mom Can Produce Twins Sometimes Triplets
    • Will Form A Very Strong Bond With The Owner And Can Grow Up To 1 Pound As Adults
    • They Are Native To Northern And Southern Brazil And Also Found In Buenos Aires Argentina
    • In Store Pickup & Airline Shipping Available (Selected At Checkout)
    • Licensing and Free Vet Health Checkup Available With In-Store Pickup
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    • Chinchilla lanigera
    • Captive Bred
    • Females Available
    • Originating From The Andes Mountains Of Northern Chile
    • Females Will Give Birth To Babies Or “kits” Twice A Year In Liters Of 1 To 6 At A Time
    • Chinchilla’s Teeth Never Stop Growing So Make Sure To Provide Safe Treats And Toys That They Can Gnaw On
    • These Are Beautiful Mammals Covered In Dark Fur That Is Soft To The Touch
    • These Animals Take Dust Baths To Remove Oils From Their Fur
    • Very Active Crepuscular And Nocturnal Foragers Feeding On Chinchilla Pellets, Timothy And Alfalfa Hay
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    Pale Fox

    • Vulpes pallida
    • Farm Bred
    • Roughly 6 – 8 Weeks In Age
    • These Are Adorable Never Before Seen Mammals In Underground, With Gorgeous Sand Yellow Toned Fur And A Black Tipped Tail
    • Voracious Little Hunters Feeding On A Basic Raw Diet Consisting Of Chicken Hearts, Beef Livers, And Small Ammounts Of Mazuri Feline Diet
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    Fennec Fox

    • Vulpes zerda
    • Farm Bred Beauties
    • Adults In Stock
    • Velvety Soft Gold-tan Fur That Continues To Get Richer In Color Over Time
    • These Foxes Are Nocturnal Omnivores Feeding On Insects , Fruit, Vegetables, And Whole Prey
    $2,499.99 $1,749.99
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    Baby Foxes

    • Vulpes vulpes
    • Captive Bred
    • Males And Females Available
    • Adorable Little Baby Foxes Coming In 3 Different Pattern And Color
    • These Foxes Are Nocturnal Omnivores Feeding On Insects , Fruit, Vegetables, And Whole Prey
    • If you’re a Florida resident, state permit and processing is included along with free vet checkup for locals
    • Local pickup or shipping is available to all legal states
    From: $599.99
  • Baby Skunk



    *We Are Taking Pre-Orders For Baby Skunks*

    • Mephitis macroura
    • Captive Bred Babies
    • Can Grow Up To 20-30 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
    • These Are Nocturnal Omnivores Feeding On Crickets, Fruits, Vegetables, And Mice
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    Baby Ring Tailed Lemur

    • Special Pre-Order Price Don’t Miss Out!
    • Baby Ringtail Lemurs ready for their new home!
    • Lemur catta
    • Captive Bred Babies
    • These Originate From South To Southwest Madagascar
    • With Proper Care These Lemurs Can Live Up To 25 Years In Captivity
    • Babies as cute as can be hand raised on a syringe until weaned to hard foods.
    • With A Gorgeous Striped Tails And Cool Slate Grey Fur These Are An Exotic Species That Is Affectionate And Lovable These Guys Are As EXOTIC Looking as they come.
    • They Are Mainly An Arboreal Species Of Monkey So Make Sure To Have A Good Amount Of Space And Objects To Play And Climb On
    • This Age Is Perfect For Raising And Bonding With Your Own Lemur
    • As adults they will be feeding on mainly fruits and veggies which makes diet and maintenance a piece of cake!
    • Local pickup or shipping is available. State permit paperwork and processing is included with all Florida
    • residents along with free vet checkup or locals.
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    Baby Prairie Dog

    • Cynomys ludovicianus
    • Captive Bred
    • Males & Females Available
    • Originating In North America These Range From As North As Wyoming Through To Texas And New Mexico
    • Can Grow Up To 12-15 Inches In Length Head To Tail
    • With Proper These Can Live Up To 10-12 Years
    • Females Can Bear Up To 3-4 Pups At A Time
    • Prairie Dogs Are Very Social And Normally Live In Closely-Knit Family Groups Called “Coteries”
    • Raising These Can Be Very Rewarding As They Are Very Affectionate And Will Bond With You Over Time
    • These Are Active Herbivores Who Feed On Greens, And Fruit
    From: $79.99
    Rated 5.00 out of 5