Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald Tree Boa


  • Corallus caninus
  • Field Collected
  • Males And Females In Stock
  • Approximate Sizes Ranging From 2-4 Feet In Length
  • These Snakes Have Explosive Emerald Green Coloration With White Blotch Like Patterns, This Is A Perfect
  • Display Animal That Is Thriving And Well Weighted
  • These Are Savage Opportunistic Eaters Feeding On Live And Frozen/Thawed Adult Mice

Frozen Adult Feeder Mice for Sale - Snake, Lizard, Reptile Food

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  • Originating From South America They Range From Northern Brazil, Eastern Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, French Guiana, Ecuador, Suriname, And Extreme North Bolivia
  • With Proper Care These Boas Can Live Up To 15-20 Years
  • Full Grown Adults Can Get As Long As 7-9 Feet In Length From Head To Tail
  • This Fantastic Snake Has The Largest Rear Facing Rows Of Teeth That Of The Non-venomous Snake Species, That Is Prefect For Piercing Through Feathers

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