Baby Ring Tailed Lemur


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  • Baby Ringtail Lemurs ready for their new home!
  • Lemur catta
  • Captive Bred Babies
  • These Originate From South To Southwest Madagascar
  • With Proper Care These Lemurs Can Live Up To 25 Years In Captivity
  • Babies as cute as can be hand raised on a syringe until weaned to hard foods.
  • With A Gorgeous Striped Tails And Cool Slate Grey Fur These Are An Exotic Species That Is Affectionate And Lovable These Guys Are As EXOTIC Looking as they come.
  • They Are Mainly An Arboreal Species Of Monkey So Make Sure To Have A Good Amount Of Space And Objects To Play And Climb On
  • This Age Is Perfect For Raising And Bonding With Your Own Lemur
  • As adults they will be feeding on mainly fruits and veggies which makes diet and maintenance a piece of cake!
  • Local pickup or shipping is available. State permit paperwork and processing is included with all Florida
  • residents along with free vet checkup or locals.
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