Baby Paradox Snow Kenyan Sand Boa


  • Eryx colubrinus
  • Captive Bred Babies
  • This Species Originates From East Africa Ranging From Tanzania, Kenya, And Through Western Libya
  • Approximately 7 – 8 Inches In Length Fully Developed Adults Can Reach Up To 3 Feet In Length!
  • With Consistent Care This Species Can Live 10+ Years In Captivity
  • These Snakes Are Viviparous Bearing 4-20 Live Babies At A Time
  • This Snake Enjoys Moderate Heat And Will Burrow Beneath The Sand To Cool Off, Rest, And Hunt
  • Fantastic Snake With White And Tan Color With Crazy Black Ink Splatter Markings On Their Bodies
  • A Stealthy Hunter Is Eating Pinky Mice And Has Been Seen Dragging Small Prey Under The Sand
  • These Are Awesome And Unique Snakes That Love To Swim Through Their Sandy Homes That Are A Great Starting Snake Or Addition To Anyones Collection!

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