Baby Desert Spiny Lizard


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  • Sceloporus magister
  • Field Collected
  • Beautiful Males And Females Available Get Your Pair Today
  • Approximately 2-3 Inches In Total Length
  • Small And Stocky Lizard With Large Pointed Keeled Overlapping Scales Looks Somewhat Similar To A Dragon
  • Males Have Bright Blue/Green Patch On Throat And Belly
  • Desert Spiny Lizards Are Native To The Western United States In Cluding Arizona Up To Colorado
  • Females Can Lay Between 2-12 Eggs Each Clutch And Also Have Been Documented To Double Clutch In 1 Year
  • This Diurnal Lizard Basks On The Branches Of Trees On Rocks Or On Other Sunlit Perches. Its Also Good To Mimic This In Captiviy

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