Zoo Med Tropical UVB & Heat Lighting Kit


Dual Reptile Dome With Heating And UVB Bulbs.

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We Have Zoo Med Tropical UVB & Heat Lighting Kits For Sale.  Here Are Some Highlights:

  • Perfect For Small Terrarium Tropical Species Of Reptiles And Amphibians.
  • Provides UVB, UVA, And Visible Light In A Mini Compact Lamp.
  • Includes Zoo Med’s Mini Combo Deep Dome Dual Ceramic Socket Lamp Fixture, A 5.0 UVB 13Watt Reptisun Bulb, A Daylight Blue True Blue Glass 60Watt Reptile Bulb


Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 7.5 × 11.2 in