Zoo Med Can O’ Snails


  • 25-30 Snails Per Can
  • Can Be Refrigerated For About 1 Week After Opening
  • Packed In Natural Juices
  • Farm Raised

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Zoo Med Can O’ Snails Reptile, Bird & Mammal Food is the latest in reptile nutrition and convenience. These medium-size unshelled snails are ideal for skinks, turtles, monitors, tegus and small animals, and they’re also great for box turtles. Farm-raised snails are cooked in the can to lock in flavor and freshness.  Every can is filled with 25-30 delicious snails. It’s a much more convenient way to feed your pet than having to store live snails until mealtime.Key Benefits

  • Perfect for reptiles, birds, and mammals, it makes mealtime easy!
  • Complete nutrition and convenience in a resealable can
  • Locked in flavor and freshness with natural juices preserved in the can
  • Farm-raised, de-shelled snails are easier on the digestive system
  • A great alternative to buying live food and having to store it, you can always be prepared by having a can on hand

Medium size unshelled snails. Ideal for skinks, turtles, monitors, tegus and small animals. Great for box turtles 1.7 oz.


De-shelled, farm raised garden snails (Achatina fulica)

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