Meller’s Chameleon


  • Trioceros melleri
  • Field Collected Beauties
  • Approximate Size: 10 To 24 Inches
  • Males And Females Available
  • An Array Of Colors On These Gorgeous Chameleons!
  • Like Most Chameleons Mellers Are Carnivores Eating Insects, Smaller Lizards, Worms, Caterpillars Etc.



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  • The Largest Chameleons On The African Mainland!
  • Females Are Generally Smaller Than Males, Have Less Developed Dorsal And Medial Crests.
  • Can Live Up To 12 Years Get Your Long Term Reptile Companion Today!
  • Completely Arboreal Lizards Living Their Entire Lives Up In The Branches Of Trees And Foliage Hunting, Mating, And Hiding From Predators
  • Like The Majority Of Chameleons These Reptiles Can Use Their Tongues With Ballistic Speed To Snatch Prey Right Out Of The Air



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