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Baby Fennec Foxes
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Baby Fennec Foxes



  • Vulpes zerda¬†
  • Female Available¬†
  • Captive Bred And Hand Raised From 1 Week Of Age
  • Velvety Soft Gold-tan Fur That Continues To Get Richer In Color Over Time
  • These Foxes Are Nocturnal Omnivores Feeding On Insects , Fruit, Vegetables, And Whole Prey Items

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  • Originating In The Sandy Deserts Of The Sahara In North Africa
  • Females Are Able To Breed Twice A Year Bearing 3-4 Young At A Time
  • With Proper Care These Foxes Will Live Around 15-20 Years In Captivity
  • Adults Are Averaging In 9 – 16 Inches In Total Length
  • The Smallest Of The Worlds Foxes With Some Of The Largest Ears Of Its Species, These Ears Are Used To Regulate Their Core Temperature
  • This Is A Beautiful Animal That Enjoys Its Play Time As Much As Its Sleep Making It A Perfect Companion To Any Owner, Given The Patience And Care It Needs


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