Rose Hair Tarantula

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Rose Hair Tarantula
  • Gramastola rosea
  • Field Collected
  • Naturally Occuring In Desert And Scrub Lands Of Bolivia, Argentina, And Chile
  • Approximately 3 – 4 Inches In Leg Span Females Reaching 5 Inches Or Slightly Bigger
  • With Proper Care These Can Live 10 – 15+ Years At A Time
  • Females Can Lay 400 Eggs At A Time
  • These Are Nocturnal Burrowers Staying Inside Of Their Holes Until Dusk Where They Emerge To Hunt And Mate
  • More Docile And Tolerant Of The Tarantulas Being More Easily Handled
  • This Is An Excellent Starter Tarantula For Any First Time Owner
  • Voracious Silent And Nimble Hunters Feeding On Crickets

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