Nicaragua Blue Jean Pumilio Dart Frog

Nicaragua Blue Jean Pumilio Dart Frog

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  • Dendrobates pumilio
  • Field Collected
  • Approximate Size: A Little Larger Than A Penny
  • Beautiful Red Spotting On Bright Blue Legs Almost Look Like A Strawberry Wearing Jeans
  • An Amazing Animal That Will Bring Your Vivarium To Life!
  • Feeding On Vitamin Dusted Pinhead Crickets And Fruit Flies

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  • Native To La Selva And Tortuguero National Park In Nicaragua And Throughout Costa Rican All The Way To Northwestern Panama
  • Once A Frog Reaches Adulthood Its Capable Of Living 10-20 Years In The Proper Conditions
  • Adults Are Roughly Going To Get About An Inch In Size
  • They Thrive In A Lowland Moist And Wet Forest Lives In Undisturbed Areas And May Inhabit Cacao Plantations
  • The Frogs Natural Bright Colors Warn Off Predators Because The Colors Signal The Toxicity For Which The Poison Dart Is Named





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