Mexican Redknee Tarantula

Mexican Redknee Tarantula


  • Brachypelma smithi
  • Captive Bred Beauty
  • Approximately  3 – 4  Inches In Legspan
  • Beautiful Contrast Of Black And Tans Against Red Knees
  • They Are Mainly Active At Night And Have No Problem Catching Prey In Complete Darkness With 8 Eyes They Have Above Their Head
  • Voracious Hunters Feeding On Big Juicy Crickets

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  • Its A Burrowing Tarantula That Inhabits The Pacific Mountains Of Mexico.
  • They Will Average 4 – 5 Inches In Legspan
  • Females Can Live For 25 Years Or More And Males Rarely Live Past 10 Years
  • Very Cool Tarantulas! The Females Can Lay On Average 40 Eggs Which Are Laid In A Silk Sack Generally Between The Months Of May And August!


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