Hornworms (larvae)

Hornworms (larvae)


  • Shipped in a fully functional enclosure
  • Choose from 25 Count Cups or 12 Count Cups
  • 12 Count Cup:
    • Contains at least 12 worms with enough food for them to potentially grow to 4 inches (10 grams)
    • Best for larger bearded dragons, large adult chameleons and larger lizards, turtles and arachnids
  • 25 Count Cup (available online only):
    • Contains at least 25 worms with enough food for them to potentially grow to 1.5 inches
    • Best for smaller chameleons, leopard geckos, smaller bearded dragons, lizards and arachnids

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Hornworm Storage – The best temperature to grow your hornworms in is about 82 degrees, however, they can be cooled down to 55 degrees to stagnate their growth. If your worms have reached the desired sized and you want to stop their growth and maintain viability then you can place them in a refrigerator at 45 degrees for 2 days and then take them out.

After you receive your hornworms you can place them with the lid on the bottom so the hornworms will crawl to the food at the top and their droppings will land on the lid for easy cleaning. Make sure that you do provide air flow for the lid to ventilate properly.

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12 Count Pod, 25 Count Pod


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