Green Bush Viper


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  • Atheris squamigeria
  • Field Collected Democratic Republic Of The Congo
  • Approximately 8-15 Inches In Length
  • Various Coloration Morphs From Green To Green With Hints Of Yellow And Forest Green With Light To Dark Green Patterning
  • Extremely Beautiful Vipers Very Colorful And Vibrant
  • Very Small Arboreal Pit Viper That Is Nocturnal And Has A Way Of Sitting For Days Until The Right Time To Catch Its Prey With Its Lightening Speed Striking And Potent Venom
  • Very Distinct Keeled Scaling All Throughout Body Great For Water Droplets To Build Up And They Can Drink From The Buildup Of Water Beads
  • All Have A Good Body Weight And Size Extremely Healthy And Girthy
  • *Warning Extremely Potent Venom*(Super Hot)
  • Some States Require Venomous Permits
  • Please Know Your State Laws Before Inquiring
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