Graceful Chameleon

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Graceful Chameleon

Chamaeleo Gracilis

  • Field Collected
  • Males And Females Available Great To Start A Breeding Colony
  • Naturally Native To Sub-Saharan Africa, The Northern Limits Of its Range Extends To Senegal In The West Then All The Way East To The Gulf Of Guinea And Central America
  • These Guys Thrive In Both Dry And Humid Rainforest That Has Undergone Degradation Bushy Areas Surrounding Farmland Plantations And Savannahs
  • They Are A Diurnal Species Which Means It Does All Of Its Moving And Hunting During The Day
  • Graceful Chameleons May Breed Twice A Year Laying Clutches Of Up To 22-50 Eggs
  • Males Can Be Extremely Territorial And Fight Often If There Is Not Enough Females To Balance
  • With Good Care These Chameleons Can Live Up to 5 Years

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