Dwarf Pixie Frog

Dwarf Pixie Frog

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  • Pyxicephalus edulis
  • Captive Bred
  • Approximate Size: 2 – 4 Inches In Length
  • Got To Love The Camo Green Coloration On This Frog That Meats Up With Mustard Yellows On Its Underbelly That Mix Perfectly Underneath Ridge Lines On Its Back
  • Voracious Hunters Feeding On Crickets, Meal Worms, And Fuzzy Mice

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  • Naturally Occurring Out Of Africa Ranging From Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Mauritania, Zambia And Zimbabwe
  • They Can Get Up To Sizes Of 7-8 Girth Filled Inches
  • Living In Muddy Water Drenched Areas That Will Burrow And Coat Themselves In A Slime To Preserve Their Water Until The Next Rain
  • This Is A Burrowing Species That Likes To Dig Into Their Substrate To Gain Moisture Make Sure To Offer A Loose Bedding Such As Sphagnum Moss, Coco Husk, Or Chemical Free Potting Soil.
  • A Single Female Can Lay Up To 4000 Eggs They Take 2 Days To Hatch
  • While The Male Protects Them. They Take 19 Days To Morph Into Small Frogs While Sexual Maturity Takes 2-3 Years
  • Great Well Established Eaters Will Eat Everything In Sight!

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