Baby Yellow Rat Snake


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  • Elaphe quadrivittata
  • Field Collected
  • Approximately 10-15 Inches Can Reach Up To 4-6 Feet
  • With Adequate Care And Handling They Can Live Up To 12-20 Years
  • Originating From East To Southeastern America Ranging From North Carolina To Florida
  • This Species Of Snake Has Crisp Vivid Brown To Light Tan Patterns And Flecking That Is Highlighted By The Sandy Yellow Tones From Head To Tail
  • These Snakes Come In Many Varying Patterns And Coloration
  • This Species Has A Great Temperament And Adjusts Well To Regular Handling, They Are Great Additions To Any Collection
  • This Is An Active Diurnal Hunter That Is Feeding On Pinky Mice

Frozen Pinky Feeder Mice for Sale - Snake, Lizard, Reptile Food

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