Baby Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink


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  • T. scincoides chimaerea
  • Captive Born 2014 Babies
  • Approximately 4-5″ Inches In Length
  • Adults Maxing Out Around 16-18 Inches In Total Length
  • The Tanimbar Has A Beautiful Array Of Color Ranging From Brilliant Orange, To Canary Yellow, To Pure White
  • Well Started & Healthy They Have Dark Faded Temporal Streaks Also A Bit Of A Dark Coloration On Top Of The Head And White Lips And Chin
  • Incredibly Glossy Scales Resembling Glass Very Hard Body And Sometimes Unusual Aggressiveness But Can Be Worked With Over Time
  • Feeding On Dusted Insects, Mixed Veggies & Fruit, & Canned Monitor Diet
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