Baby Tanimbar Amethystine Python


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  • Morelia amethystina
  • Captive Hatched
  • Approximately 19 Inches Currently But Can Reach A Total Of 15-19 Feet
  • Depending On Species And Locality
  • This Species Can Be Found On Most Islands Of Indonesia And Papua New Guinea. It Lives In Tropical Rain Forests Scrubs And Areas Of Rich Vegetation 
  • They Are Mainly Active At Night Which Makes Them Nocturnal And Do Most Of Their Hunting At Night It Has A Series Of Pits Along Its Jaw Which Are Very Heat Sensitive Organs This Enables The Snake To Locate Its Warm Blooded Prey
  • Females Can Lay Up To 20 Eggs At A Time Once A Year And Take About 2 Months To Hatch
  • These Are The Largest Snakes In Australia But Can Also Be Found In Papua New Guinea As Well In Indonesia
  • Get Your Rare Long And Lively Amethystine Python Today… Right Now.. Hurry

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