Baby Sunglow Colombian Redtail Boa


Baby Sunglow Colombian Redtail Boa
  • Boa constrictor imperator
  • Captive Bred
  • Males And Females Available
  • Approximate 20 Inches In Length
  • With Good Care These Boas Are Able To Live Up To 20-25 Years
  • Females Are Able To Bear Live Young Up To 30-50 Babies!
  • This Boa Has Beautiful Sandy Tones And Crisp Vivid Patterns!
  • They Are Mainly An Arboreal Species Living In The Canopies Of Tropical Forests, Make Sure To Include Branches, Logs, Foliage, Heat, And Humidity Included In Your Setups
  • Very Bright Sunset Orange Color Is Evident In Each Pattern But Comes To A Climax At Its Tail, Eyepopping Color Is The Only Description We Can Offer For This Fantastic Boa
  • This Is A Veracious Reptile Feeding On Rat Pups Weekly
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