Baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink


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  • T. scincoides intermedia
  • Captive Bred
  • Approximately 4 To 6 Inches In Total Length
  • Northern Blue Tongues Are The Biggest Of The Tiliqua Sp Reaching Upwards To 24 Inches
  • This Species Is A Hardy And Long Living Reptile Can Live Between 15-20 Years
  • As A Baby You Can Keep These Guys In A 20 Gallon Enclosure They Also Require More Ground Space Than Climbing
  • Devouring High Protein Cat Food/vegetable Mixture
  • Amazingly Tame But Would Prefer To House Separately Due To Males Fighting Each Other Or Only Keep Pairs Together During Breeding Season
  • Incredible Patterning Some Of The Most Beautiful Skinks On The Planet Get Yours Today

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