Baby Green Ameiva


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  • Ameiva ameiva
  • Field Collected
  • 1 Unsexed Baby
  • Aproximately 6 Inches
  • With Proper Care And Handling They Can Live Up To 10-15 Years
  • These Are From Central And South America Ranging From Panama, Brazil, Colombia, And Puerto Rico
  • Beautiful Baby With Olive Green, Dark Brown, And Red Color That Is Only Going To Get Better As This Lizard Will Take On Awesome Cheta Like Pattern That Gradients Into A Vibrant Emerald Green And Turqoise As It Reaches The Base Of Its Tail
  • Great Ideas For Set Up Should Include A Warm Humid Environment, Wood Based Substrate, Multiple Hiding Places, Branches, Logs And Foliage
  • These Lizards Are Fast And Agile Insectivore Hunters Feeding On Small Crickets And Meal Worms
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