Baby Egyptian Uromastyx


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  • Uromastyx aegyptia
  • Farm Bred Babies!
  • Approximate Length: 3.5 To 4 Inches Total
  • As Adults The Egyptian Uromastyx Is One Of The Largest Of The Agamidae Coming In At 30 Inches And Can Weigh A Few Pounds
  • Native To The Arabian Peninsula And The Sahara Of North Africa
  • These Are Very Small Cute Uromastyx Great To Start Out Young So You Can Raise Them Up!
  • Main Diet Of Plants And Other Vegetation But Will Also Take On Occasion Crickets, Wax Worms, And Superworms
  • Impressive Patterning On Back!
  • Very Cool And Unique Babies To Add To Your Collection Or Keep As A First Time Pet
  • Grab Them While They Are Here
  • Feeding On Vitamin Dusted Greens And Spray Millet
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