Baby Dome Rock Rosy Boa


Baby Dome Rock Rosy Boa
  • Lichanura trivirgata arizonae
  • Captive Bred
  • Males And Females Available
  • Approximately 12-13 Inches In Length Getting Up To Sizes Of 24-36 Inches
  • With Proper Care These Snakes Can Live Up To 20-30+ Years At A Time In Captivity
  • Originating Out Of Northern And Central America Ranging From California, Arizona, And Into Baja California
  • These Are Greatly Varying Boas Coming In Many Patterns And Colors Including Orange And White Stripes Like These Dome Rock Boas
  • Fantastic Pets Staying At More Manageable Sizes And Are Easily Handled, Pefect For Any Beginner Snake Owner
  • Voracious Hunters Feeding On Pinky Mice Weekly

Frozen Pinky Feeder Mice for Sale - Snake, Lizard, Reptile Food

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