Baby C.A. T+ Albino Sunglow Boa


Baby C.A. T+ Albino Sunglow Boa

  • Boa constrictor imperator
  • Captive Bred
  • Males And Females Of Your Choice To Choose
  • Early 2016 Babies Ranging From 19-20 Inches Can Grow Up To 5-6 Feet Males Are Generally Smaller Than Females
  • Boas Are Long Lived Reptiles Thriving In Captivity For 20-30 Years And Can Possibly Live Longer If Kept In Great Conditions
  • Very Good Disposition Great For A Beginner Of Owning Their First Designer Morph
  • Beautiful Albino Sunglow Boas With Orange Red Tails And Warm Sandy Patterns Cover Throughout This Snake Only To Be Contrasted By It’s Pink Underbelly
  • Well Weighted Snake With An Even Temperament With Great Potential For Any Breeding Project
  • Hasn’t Missed A Meal Feeding On Rat Pups

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