Baby Albino Rosy Boas


Baby Albino Rosy Boas
  • Lichanura trivirgata
  • Limburg Line Captive Bred
  • Males And Females Available Great For Any Breeding Project
  • Approximate Length 10-14 Inches
  • With Good Care They Can Live Up To 10-25 Years
  • Originating From Western America And North Western Mexico Ranging From Southern California Through To Sonora Mexico
  • Females Can Bear Between 6-10 Live Young
  • This Snake Has Beautifully Bright Orange Flecks And Stripes Down Its Back
  • They Spend The Majority Of Its Time Beneath Rocks And In Between Crevices To Escape The Heat, Be Sure To Include Multiple Hiding Spots Including Rocks And Logs In Your Enclosures
  • These Are Terrestrial Predators Feeding On Pinky Mice
  • This Is An Even Tempered Reptile That Is Stunning And Would Be A Great Addition To Anyone’s Collection

Frozen Pinky Feeder Mice for Sale - Snake, Lizard, Reptile Food

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