Baby Ice Tegu


Baby Ice Tegu
  • Tupinambis Merianae X Tupinambis rufescens
  • U.S. Captive Bred
  • Males And Females Available
  • Produced Right Here At Underground Reptiles
  • Approximately 16-17 Inches From Head To Tail
  • Parents are both 100% het and albino ice tegus Babies 50% Chacoan 37.5% blue 12.5% red All ICE Tegus Are 66% Het Albino
  • Overly Cute And Super Friendly Little Lizards That Age Into Big Puppy Dogs With Handling And Care
  • Babies Are Feeding On Crickets, Super worms, Horn worms, And Roaches. Also Including Cut Up Gizzards, And A Bit Of Ground Turkey

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