Adult Normal Panther Gecko


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  • Paroedura pictus
  • Long Term Captive Beauties
  • Approximately 5-6 Inches In Length And Can Reach Up To 6-7 Inches
  • Madagascar Is The Native Home For This Species They Are Nocturnal And Hide Under Leaves On The Ground Since They Aren’t Very Good Climbers
  • Panther Geckos Are Insectivores And Will Eat Crickets , Mealworms And Locusts With An Occasional Waxworm As A Treat. You Should Calcium Dust And Vitamin D3 All Of Its Meals
  • Gorgeous Bright Tan Color With Black Spots And Stripes From Head To Tail
  • These Geckos Can Live To Be About 10 Years Old If Cared For Properly
  • Get Your Cute And Tiny Pet Today Or Start Off Your Neat Breeding Colony

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