Adult Green Iguana (High Orange)


  • Iguana iguana
  • Field Collected
  • 1 Male Available
  • Approximately 5 Feet In Length
  • Females Can Lay Up To 12-20 Eggs
  • With Good Care And Handling This Iguana Can Live Up To 15-20 Years
  • Originating From South Mexico To South America And The Caribbean
  • These Lizards Are Used To Living In The Trees As Well As Burrows In Loos Dirt So Make Sure To Include Lots Of Branches, Foliage A Deeper Loos Substrate And A Decent Amount Of Hiding Places As Well As A Hot Humid Environment In Your Enclosure
  • This Big Beauty Looking Like Its Straight From The Juarisic Park Fires Up In Rich Red And Green Color With A Gorgeous Frill Along The Peak Of Its Back
  • This Is An Omnivorous Reptile That Is Veraciously Eating Insects And Vegetables Such As Romaine Lettuce, Kale, Carrots, Crickets, Meal Worms, And Various Calcium Dusted Insects
Adult Green Iguana (High Orange)
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