Hikari Pac Attack 1.4 oz


  1. A sponge-like stick developed to soften rapidly when soaked in water to take on the consistency of a live food most “Pacman” frogs desire.
  2. The added calcium and uniquely balanced nutrient mix offers immune system support while eliminating the need for supplemental feeding.
  3. Gone are the odors common with competitive foods and the need to use multiple products to maintain proper form and sufficient food intake.

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Hikari Pac Attack Pacman Frog Food is a unique balanced daily diet formula specially made to satisfy the needs of the South American Horned Pacman Frog. Each pellet has the texture of live food to encourage healthy feeding behaviors and they come ready to eat no mixing required. These tasty pellets are formulated with Hikari s No Touch Feeding system eliminating the hand and home odors that result from other frog foods.

Prior to feeding, dip each pellet in pure water for about 2 seconds. Hold in feeding forceps and move from side to side just under frogs mouth. To make a mega-pellet, add 20 drops of water (using eye dropper) per pellet, let sticks full absorb water for about 20-30 seconds and compress multiple sticks in to one super-sized ball no larger than 40% of your frog’s diameter. Feed as noted below.
Body Length Feeding Intervals Feeding Amount
3cm to 5cm (1″ to 2″) Every 3 Days 1/2 to 1 Pellet
5cm to 10cm (2″ to 4″) Every Week 3 to 5 Pellets
Over 10cm (4″) Every 2 Weeks 5 to 12 Pellets
Do not feed on consecutive days as the digestive system of Ceratophrys require interval feeding for proper assimilation.
Soaking the pellets for more than a few seconds will not allow them to remain intact for efficient feeding.
Even if the pellet is not fully softened, digestion is not negatively impacted.

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