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  • Zilla Durable Den

    From: $4.99

    Natural Rock Look Great Basking Or Hiding Spot Easy To Clean With Soap And Water

  • Zoo Med Cork Rounds

    From: $5.99

    Create A Naturalistic Forest Look In Your Terrarium! Safe For All Reptiles, Amphibians, And Arachnids (i.e. Tarantulas). Can Be Easily Cut To Any Desired Length Or Shape.

  • Zilla Stump Den

    From: $12.99

    One Accessory For Basking, Climbing And Burrowing Realistic, Rustic Design Beautifies Terrariums Surface Cleans Easily, Limits Bacterial Growth Natural, Hand-crafted Center For Reptile Activity

  • Zilla Bark Bends

    From: $6.99

    Ruggedly Authentic Look Of Natural Wood Bark Open Sides Allow Inside View Of Burrow Behaviors Easy Cleaning Synthetic Surfaces Won't Decay

  • Extremely Realistic Replicas Of Real Plants Easy To Clean And Maintain Can Be Used In Conjunction With Real Plants Creates Natural Hiding Spots For Reptiles And Amphibians

  • Zoo Med Turtle Hut

    From: $5.99

    Great Hiding Place Use In Water Or On Dry Tank Realistic Look Made Of Eco-Friendly Ceramic!

  • Natural Look, Integrates In Any Type Of Terrarium Easy To Clean Provides A Secure Hiding Place Prevents Stress Very Stable, Not Easily Tipped Over By Larger Reptiles

  • Zilla Rock Den

    From: $9.99

    Heavy Weighted Material Stays Naturally In Place Dark Hideaway Keeps Desert Reptiles Cool, Promotes Nesting Safe For Any Environment, Terrestrial Or Aquatic Authentic Look, Designed For Easy Care

  • Zilla Herp Hotel

    From: $14.99

    Generous Spaces For Basking And Privacy Fun Prehistoric Rock Design Scrubs Clean With Soap And Water Medium 8.7" X 3.5" X 5.4" Large 12.8" X 4.4" X 6.5"

  • Exo Terra Reptile Den

    From: $19.99

    Provides Easy Viewing Of Reptiles Or Amphibians While They Are In Hiding; Unique Through-The-glass Magnetic Rock Formation Does Not Cause Disturbance To Reptiles Eliminates Stress On Animals Insulated To Create A Colder Burrow

  • Zoo Med Repti Shelter

    From: $12.99

    Provides A Naturalistic Shelter For Snakes, Lizards, Amphibians And Invertebrates While Helping To Prevent Stress, Bad Sheds And Egg Binding. Create A Humid “Microclimate" Inside The Cave Necessary For Shedding And Proper Respiratory Functions Of Reptiles And Amphibians. Provides A Nesting Site, Allowing You To Enjoy Breeding Many Species Of Snakes And Lizards. Available In…

  • Primate Skull Décor For Any Terrarium Secure Hiding For Reptiles And Amphibians Ideal For Desert Or Rainforest Setups