Underground Reptiles – Supplying the Best Scorpions, Vinegaroons & Whiptails For Sale!

Underground Reptiles supplies some of the best scorpions, vinegaroons & whiptails for sale in the world! We have one of the greatest selections you will find including redclaw scorpions, flat rock scorpions, Florida bark scorpions and more. We ship all of our live animals UPS Next Day Air. Click Here to find out about our incredible shipping process.

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  • Opistophthalmus boehmi Field Collected Approximately 3-4 Inches In Length These Are Amazing Armor Plated Insects That Are Easy Maintenance And Hearty Animals Voracious Pincered Hunters Feeding On Insects Regularly

  • Hadogenes troglodytes Field Collected Approximately 5-7 Inches In Length Awesome Invertebrates With A Rich Dark Brown Exoskeleton That Is Fashioned In An Armored Plated Style With Small Hairs To Sense Its Surroundings With Silent Predators Feeding On Crickets Regularly

  • Asian Forest Scorpion

    From: $14.99

    Heterometrus longimanus Field Collected Approximately 4-5 Inches In Length From Head To Tail Gorgeous Scorpions With Thick Armored Exoskeletons Coming In Jet Black To Dark Olive Green Colors Terrestrial Hunters Feeding On Smaller Crickets

  • Opisthacanthus madagascariensis Field Collected Approximately 1.5 - 2 Inches In Length From Head To Tail These Are Small Sized Scorpions Living In Rich Dark Brown Bodies And Light Tan Legs Precision Hunters Feeding On Small Insects Regularly

  • Hadogenes paucidens Field Collected Approximate Size: 2 To 3 Inches In Length Fat, Healthy And Active! Very Docile Disposition And Tame Scorpions! Feeding On Big Juicy Crickets

  • Florida Bark Scorpion

    From: $14.99

    Centruroides gracilis Captive Bred Originating Out Of The Tropics Of Central America, Mexico, And Florida Approximately 2-3 Inches In Length From Head To Tail With Proper Care These Can Live Up To 5 Years In Captivity Very Fast And Flighty These Are Speedy Scorpions That Are A Bit Skiddish But Awesome Creatures For Any Setup…

  • Pandinus cavimanus Field Collected 1 Available Approximate Length: 4 To 5 Inches Originating From Tanzania With Proper Care These Can Live Up To 5-7 Years Approximately 3.5-4 Inches And Will Reach 5 Inches In Length A More Defensive Temperament, Rusty Red, Smoldering Deep Burgundy Colors Set This Emperor Apart From Other Invertebrates This Precision Nocturnal…

  • Hadrurus arizonensis Field Collected Sub-adult To Adult Sizes Available Approximate Length: 5-6 Inches But Around Adulthood Can Reach 7 Inches Native To The Southwestern United States And Live Around Grasslands, Caves And Wooded Areas The Male And Female Lock Pinchers And Perform An Elaborate Dance. After The Reproduction Has Taken Place The Female Usually Kills…

  • Malaysian Vinegaroon

    From: $29.99

    Hypoctonus rangunensis Field Collected Approximately 3.5 - 4 Inches In Leg Span Originating Out Of Thailand Females Can Lay Up To 30-40 Eggs Held In An Egg Sack Under Her Abdomen That She Keeps Off The Ground For 2 Months Before Hatching Somtimes Called A Whip Scorpion From The Flagellum (Tail Like Appendage) On Its…

  • Vinegaroon

    From: $19.99

    "Giant Whip Scorpion" Mastigoproctus giganteus giganteus Field Collected Approximately 2.5-3 Inches In Length Females Can Lay Up To 30-40 Eggs Held In An Egg Sack Under Her Abdomen That She Keeps Off The Ground For 2 Months Before Hatching This Invert Can Be Found In The United Sates, And Mexico Ranging From Arixona, Florida, New…

  • Damon variegatus Roughly 4-5 Inches Across With Legs Extended, Can Grow Up To 8 Inches Across As Well Perfectly Harmless And Docile Temperament, Making Them Easy To Hold And Intriging To Observe In Their Enclosure These whipscorpions are native to Africa, found in Kenya and Tanzania This Species Is Found Communialy In The Wild And…